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12 September, 2017

10 *More* Books to Read If You Love Jane Austen


As some of you may know, earlier this year I posted an article called 10 Books to Read if You Love Jane Austen. And, before I can go any further in sharing my second list of this kind, I feel the need to just stop and give thanks.

10 Books to Read if You Love Jane Austen has become by most popular post OF ALL TIME. I have been blogging since 2011, and never before have I had so many hits on a single post. I can see that most of you wonderful people are coming from Pinterest, and I just want to say THANK YOU. I am just blown away by the popularity of that post and so, so thankful to have you all here. I hope you enjoyed the last list, and I pray you will enjoy this one just as much! Read More

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8 September, 2017

Friday Favorites (No. 6)


Well hey there! It’s been awhile since I’ve had the pleasure of doing a Friday Favorites post. I love these because they allow me to share what’s going on in my life in a more informal way.

So what’s new this week? Well, I finished reading my first Anne Bronte, The Tenant of Wildfell Hall. A friend of mine recommended it, and I’m glad I followed her suggestion! I couldn’t put it down, and I was surprised at how much easier Anne Bronte is to read than her sister Charlotte. (But I LOVE Charlotte, and her books are worth the effort.) Read More

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7 September, 2017

6 Incredible Resources For Book Lovers


I wanted to start this blog post by telling you just how much I love to read, but then I realized that several great names before my time have already put these thoughts into words perfectly. And why should I try to reinvent the wheel? So, I’ll start this post by sharing with you some of my favorite famous quotes about reading.

“You can never get a cup of tea large enough or a book long enough to suit me.” C.S. Lewis

“I declare after all there is no enjoyment like reading! How much sooner one tires of any thing than of a book!” Jane Austen Read More

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5 September, 2017

Why I Took A Break From Blogging (PS…I’m BACK!)


As some of you know (from being subscribed to my email list), I have taken a bit of a break this summer to refresh and refocus. I have had a lot going on in my personal life these past few months – and I was also in the middle of several commitments – and I just began to feel overwhelmed at the idea of keeping up with this blog.

Simply put, I was putting way too much pressure on myself to grind out a particular number of posts each week. And, every writer knows that when you have a deadline (even if it’s self-imposed), it can be extremely difficult to produce quality content. I felt like I had all of these wonderful post ideas, but I would run out of time to write them well. I wasn’t completely happy with some of the posts I published because I wrote them in haste. I don’t like that feeling one bit! Read More

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6 June, 2017

How to Add Jane Austen-Inspired Decor to Your Home


If you love Jane Austen half as much as I do, you’ve probably tried to figure out ways to incorporate Austen-inspired decor into your home. Honestly, I just love Jane Austen so much that I want there to be small reminders of her stories around my home. But there’s a catch – I don’t want those reminders to be so feminine or girly that they drive my poor husband crazy!

If you’re anything like me, you probably struggled with this at first, too. In fact, I got so frustrated at finding a balance that I nearly gave up. However, over the course of the last year, I’ve figured out how to do it subtly and with taste. Read More

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2 June, 2017

Friday Favorites (No. 5)


Happy Friday! I’m so glad the weekend is finally almost here. Even though it’s been a short work week, I’ve had a lot of little things going on that have kept me really busy this week. Of course, my weekend is going to be pretty busy too, but that’s okay.

The weather this week has been just gorgeous! 70s and sunny every day. I wish Michigan was like this year round!

I’m currently reading The Lost Heiress by Roseanna M White, and YOU GUYS. If you love Downton Abbey, you need to read this book. It sucked me in so fast because it takes place in the Edwardian Era (the beginning of the 20th Century), which means the world the characters live in is just like Downton. The story focuses on the daughter of a Earl, who is trying to discover her past so she can move forward with her life. I’m not even finished with it yet but I’m in love. The best part is it’s the first novel in a series. YAY!

Speaking of book series, this week the latest addition to the Lancaster Family series by Sarah M Eden came out! It’s called Romancing Daphne, and I can’t wait to get my hands on it. I absolutely love Sarah M Eden. Her elegant writing style and quirky sense of humor would make Jane Austen proud.

Has anyone watched the new Anne of Green Gables series on Netflix (called Anne)? I have been meaning to start it, but haven’t yet. I’m curious to know if it’s any good – despite the fact that no one can replace Megan Follows! Read More

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1 June, 2017

You DO Have Time To Read…and Here’s How


It’s no secret by now that I love to read. It’s also no secret that I read a lot. I actually prefer reading over television and movies nine times out of ten. In fact, since January 1, 2017 I have read 23 books. That means I’m averaging about a book per week.

But I don’t say that to toot my own horn or make you think I’m some amazingly smart person. I say it because it’s proof to myself that I do actually have a lot of time to read despite my busy schedule. And so do you.

Although I have always loved to read, a couple of years ago I wasn’t reading as much as I am now. I thought I didn’t have the time. I was busy working full time, serving my church, blogging, keeping a home for the first time, adjusting to my new life as a wife and trying to start a side business. It was a lot. Read More

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26 May, 2017

Friday Favorites (No. 4)

Mint & Gold 6

Happy Friday! I just can’t believe how quickly the month of May is passing us by. It’s definitely been one of the busiest months of this year so far, so that’s probably why.

Last week on Tuesday, my husband and I celebrated two years of marriage! If we could, I think we would spend every anniversary in Jamaica, where we spent our honeymoon. But since we couldn’t swing it, we went to Bahama Breeze instead. Close enough, right?! 😉

Speaking of marriage, last weekend I watched one of my best friends say, “I do”! It was such a beautiful wedding and a really fun weekend overall. Read More

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25 May, 2017

The Best Historical Fiction for Jane Austen Fans


Last week, I shared about how much I love to read and how my love for reading first started. If you caught that post, you probably know that classics are my favorite and nothing can compare to them.

However, about a year ago, one of my close friends recommended Edenbrooke by Julianne Donaldson. I took her advice and downloaded the ebook on my iPad. And let me tell you, I couldn’t put that thing down! I had it read in less than 24 hours, and I immediately wanted to go back and read it again.

What captured my attention about Edenbrooke were two things: 1) that it was set in the Regency era (the time period in which Jane Austen lived and wrote), and 2) that it was a clean and “proper” romance. Read More

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18 May, 2017

16 Must-Read Classic Novels

Screen Shot 2017-05-15 at 2.37.06 PM

Have I ever mentioned how much I love to read? Let me give you a little look into just how much and how it all started.

When I was in high school, I was given the task to choose from a list of classic novels about which to write a thesis paper. This was really the first time in my education that I was able to choose for myself which book I wanted to read (rather than being assigned a specific book).

Being that I cherished my childhood memories of living in England, I wanted to choose something British. I chose Wuthering Heights, and I have never quite been the same since. From that moment on, I couldn’t get enough of the classics, particularly those published in the 19th Century. After that, I was so passionate about reading in general that I would devour any assigned novel and write my thesis papers at least a week before they were due. Read More