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10 November, 2012

Overwhelmed with thankfulness


As I sit here tonight in front of a roaring fire on the hearth, I can almost smell the holidays around the corner.

With Thanksgiving being fewer than two weeks away, I am reflecting on all that I have to be thankful for. And I am on the verge of tears. The amount of thankfulness to The Lord that I have in my heart is almost burdening, because how could I ever thank Him enough?

How could I ever express how thankful I am for His interruption of my plans?

How could I ever put to words how grateful I am that He has altered the course of my life?

How could I ever verbalized my gratitude toward the One who has shown me who I really am–that I am His above everything else?

I don’t think this holiday season is going to be anything like the ones I’ve enjoyed in the past.

Will it be full of joy? I hope so!

Will it be filled with love and family gatherings? Certainly!

But will I let it pass by without truly, honestly, thankfully reflecting on what it really meant that a Savior was born that day in Bethlehem? Not a chance.

He was sent. To be born. Of a virgin. To live a sinless life. To die a brutal death. In my place.

How can I not be *beautifully* overwhelmed with thankfulness?


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  • Desiray

    Hello Jennifer I love how you think..the best way to show Him for all He’s done for you is to remain in a heart of thankfulness and share His love with others for there are so many people including those you see in the store at the bank that needs to hear the gospel of the good news. AMEN Have a bless day and keep sharing the way you do

    12 November, 2012 at 12:33 pm Reply
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