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26 February, 2015

Wedding Planning: The Center of It All

Matt and Jennifer-33

Sitting quietly in my room after another long day of decisions and differences of opinion, I can’t help but wonder: why are we doing this? What’s the point of it all?

It seems so silly, spending eight months planning a wedding that all the guests will forget about eight hours later. Who’s going to remember what type of flowers the bride holds? Is anyone going to care what the centerpieces look like? What’s the difference if the bridesmaids have matching earrings or not?

It’s all too easy to get caught up in the details when planning a wedding. I would know because I’m guilty of it. When this whole thing started, I was adamant about what type of reception venue we had to book and what sort of music would be played during the reception. I would get upset the moment my ideas were threatened.

Fast forward a few months and things begin to get more complicated. Aunt Sally wants us to serve steak, not chicken. Grandma Jane thinks the flowers should be a certain color. Sister Susie hates her bridesmaid dress. These are just made up examples, but they represent how I’ve felt the pressure to make everyone happy, and it’s simply impossible.

So I’m sitting here, trying to comprehend it all, but it seems so foolish. Does it really matter if someone doesn’t like the food? Should I care if the flowers aren’t up to everyone’s standards? Is it that big of a deal if the girls don’t like their dresses?

The answer is no.

This is what does matter:

At the end of the day, God has brought me from death to life. It amazes me that he has not only brought me from sin to forgiveness, but he has also blessed me with a man who is promising to love me for the rest of his days as we grow in Christ together.

You see, all those petty wedding details are dirt compared to the actual point of the day: two becoming one. The promise Matt and I will make to each other three months from now symbolizes the promise of faithfulness God has made to us through his son, Jesus Christ (John 3:16). And the wedding is our chance to proclaim that promise to our friends and family, both saved and unsaved.

While I understand that I must decide on color schemes, party favors and seating arrangements, I never want to lose sight of why we are doing all of this. It’s not to impress anyone or make a statement about how great we are and how much work we can do to create a grand event. Sure, the decor and atmosphere can and should reflect Matt’s and my personalities, but ultimately the day is about reflecting Jesus.

So today, I’m making it my goal to set all the opinions aside–both mine and everyone else’s–and resolve to put glorifying Christ at the center of it all.


{Photo by Leygh Joshua Allison}

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  • debi

    Kudos to you, Jen! You have hit the nail on the head. I’ve been married now for over 21 years, and the details of your wedding day will mostly only be remembered by you and Matt as the years go by. You clearly have your priorities in the right place, knowing the real reason for the day. Beyond that, my advice is to do what YOU want to do. After-all, it’s YOUR wedding day, and everyone else who is giving you advice has already had (or will one day have) their own wedding day to do what they want to do. Congratulations to you and Matt … and I pray for many happy years together as you live your lives to glorify Christ as you share your lives.

    26 February, 2015 at 10:48 pm Reply
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