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15 December, 2017

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Happy Friday! Things have been so crazy around here for the last couple of months, so I thought I would pop in and do a little life update.

As you may have already seen on my Instagram last week, my husband and I are thrilled to announce that we are expecting our first child! I am 12 weeks pregnant as of today, and our due date is June 29.

My first trimester has certainly not been a breeze, but I know it could have been a lot worse! I was not prepared for all of the symptoms I would experience in the first 12 weeks. And they started even before I found out I was expecting! Up until about week eight or nine, I experienced extreme fatigue. Like, there were days when I couldn’t get off the couch. While I am still pretty tired all day long, I am not quite as fatigued as I was in those first weeks.

Thankfully, I haven’t had too much morning sickness. From week 7 to week 10 I really struggled to eat, but once I got something in my stomach I felt better immediately. Now I really only feel sick when I have an empty stomach or when I’ve eaten too much, too fast.

I’m also happy to report that I haven’t had any weird cravings (yet). However, I am ravenously hungry ALL THE TIME! I’ll finish a nice dinner around 7pm, and by 9pm I’m stopping at Jimmy Johns and scarfing down a sandwich in less than three minutes. Not even exaggerating. I have never experienced such hunger! I have learned to keep a stash of snacks with me wherever I go. I am hungry even as I type this, despite the large bowl of oatmeal I just inhaled. Oh, and the only real aversion I’ve had so far has been with coffee. COFFEE – of all things! Thankfully, as of about a week ago, I can finally handle it again.

I have really taken a step back from commitments since finding out that we were expecting. I have been trying to focus on getting rest and eating healthy so that I can feel my best. Some days it’s all I can do to go to work and come home. My husband has been really great with helping around the house (more than normal), cooking dinners and helping me with whatever I need. He even drove me to the gym the other night because I was having a rough day and needed some stress relief. I’m really grateful for him.

It was so much fun to tell our families that I’m pregnant. I know for sure that my parents were not expecting to hear the news. Throughout the last few months I have said things to my mom such as, “In a few years, when we have kids” to completely throw her off. They were pretty shocked when they found out! It’s also exciting that this will be the first grandchild for my in-laws. (My sister has two kids, so my parents have been “Grammy” and “Grampy” since 2012.)

I’m really looking forward to my second trimester for several reasons. I’m excited for “the bump” because right now I just look bloated! I also can’t wait to wear cute maternity clothes; although, I admittedly am already wearing maternity leggings because THEY ARE SO COMFORTABLE! I also am looking forward to getting my hair done next week. This mama-to-be could also really use a mani/pedi, but we’ll see 🙂

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