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11 April, 2016

What To Do When Friendships Fade


I remember my high school days like they were yesterday. I recall spending countless weekends with my girlfriends doing anything we wanted—getting our nails done, hanging at Starbucks or shopping at the mall. And even in college, I couldn’t imagine not having a large circle of friends with whom I could enjoy life and many laughs…

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13 December, 2012

Comforting others with the comfort we have received

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Yesterday on my drive home from work, I decided to take a little break from listening to my beloved Michael Buble Christmas album (which rarely happens this time of year!) and listen to one of my favorite local Christian radio stations. As soon as I tuned in, the afternoon host began to talk about how important it is for us to have older, wiser believers in our lives to encourage us in our walk with God. It reminded me of something I read in the last chapter of John Piper’s book When the Darkness Will Not Lift, and I’d like to share it with you: Read More