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In Trials on
9 April, 2013

Painful pivots

Female hand holding a pen and writing a plan in a planner


My life was full, rich, sweet, wonderful, and filled with expectations for greater things. Everything seemed to be going just as I had planned it to go. First A happened, then B, and before I knew it, if all continued to go smoothly, C would happen. And I would emerge successful, triumphant and finally complete and happy. And I was so close to getting what I wanted. It was within my reach and my grasp.

Or so I had thought.

But I am not the author of my life. I learned so the hard way. I learned that you cannot control your circumstances, even with a detailed to-do list and endless hours of strategizing. You cannot completely plan out the future {Proverbs 19:21}. That’s because the unexpected can happen. Read More