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14 November, 2016

The DIY Wreath You Need This Christmas



It’s been a crazy busy few weeks, but I am glad to be back to writing today and super excited to share a fun holiday craft!

I’ll start off by saying – as I have said before – that I am not a crafty person by nature. I attempted my first Pinterest project in 2012, and it took me two tries, at least four trips to the store and a good five hours of my life I’ll never get back. It was supposed to be a simple project, but for me it turned into a nightmare. After that, I decided crafts just weren’t my thing.

However, fast forward to 2016 and I’m now a homeowner on a budget, so I’ve really been working on developing my patience for crafts and DIY projects. This past summer I even painted my first piece of furniture! So, when a sweet friend of mine asked me if I wanted to get together and make Christmas wreaths, I decided I was up for the challenge.

I kept it pretty simple for my wreath, but am completely in love with the end results.

I purchased this frosted wreath from Joann for 50% off (only $8!), and also picked up one of these Christmas cotton stems (only $6). I also decided to add in some pine cones and gold berries (similar) I had from previous purchases. Most importantly, I purchased a string of small battery-powered Christmas lights from Amazon. Other than that, all we needed were some wire cutters and copper wire for attaching the decorations.

I started by wrapping the lights around my wreath and securing the battery pack behind the wreath with copper wire. After that, I used wire cutters to separate the individual cotton stems so I could wrap them around the branches, using more copper wire to fasten them tightly to the wreath. I then wrapped the sprigs of gold berries around the branches as well. And lastly, I tucked a few pinecones into the wreath.

That’s literally all it took! I figure I spent about $20 on the entire project, and that’s amazing compared to the $50-$100 you could easily spend on a pre-made wreath. Plus, I was able to make my wreath exactly as I wanted it to be, instead of having to choose from something that was already created and not completely to my liking.

Right now I have a fall wreath on our front door, but I’ll be replacing it in a few weeks with this new one. For now, however, I am enjoying my new wreath in my living/dining room. I used a strip of burlap to secure it onto a nail on the top of this old, white window.

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  • Patricia

    Looks amazing!!!! Love it! You are craftier than you think!! 🙂

    15 November, 2016 at 2:01 pm Reply
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